April 17, 2011

PT at the bus stop

One annoying thing about battling leg/back pain for so long before finally getting relief is the associated aches and pains from muscle overcompensation. Not only does the original injury make you wanna scream, throw things, pout, and rage, but now certain muscles are been taxed to do extra work or different work to make up for the slackers that aren't working or can't keep up with the demand.

Now that I'm coming up on 9 weeks post second surgery, I can really start trying to get those muscles that shut down back into fight'n shape. This means I return to physical therapy this week and get back to the physical punishment(fun) that I'm used to! How exciting! According to my surgeon, 8 weeks is one of the magical milestones in the healing process when you can step up the exercise a notch. Ok, my surgeon didn't say "magical" but wouldn't it have been grand if he did? Eitherway, 4 weeks and 8 weeks post surgery are mini milestones. I was only allowed to walk for the first four weeks, then I could add light elliptical (oh... goody.) and really light bench presses. He said, "you know, light weight, high reps." I'm like, "oh hell yeah, I know all about that!" Which then translated into 300 benchpresses with an 20-25# curl bar. Come on, he said high reps. So for the last 5 weeks I've been able to remind my arm and chest muscles that they could push something off or away from me if they had to. Additionally, last week I added the stair machine to nowhere to my routine. Its actually been a welcomed change as well as a reminder that muscles quickly forget. Thankfully, they also quickly remember... 

Due to the overcompensation, I'm back to dealing with knee pain and clicking that I was previously able to rid myself of by growing up big and strong, as well as added various aches and pains. However, even though this is round two, I intend to win this one again! I've got the experience and knowledge that'll knock the ancillary pain out of the ring no doubt. However, with that being said this means working on PT OT. I'll need to seize my opportunities to do all the leg stretches and kicks that'll get me back to fighting shape. I'll be just like Molly Shannon's SNL character, Sally O'Malley (And I kick, stretch, and kick!) what this really means is that I will be performing my various moves for the public while waiting to cross the street, at the busstop, or contemplating a cut of meat in butcher's case. Its true, I'll be one of those weirdos standing on the corner of the street performing high kicks and leg stretches not merely to entertain you or give you something the laugh about, but so I can kick ass in my next WOD or trail race... Watch out Seattle, you're about to encounter someone who cares far more about healing and being fit than the latest color of stretch pants or f'd up hip haircut.

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