I was vegetarian for 15 year, vegan for 6 of them, and now working on a paleo lifestyle. During my vegetarian days, I suffered from several health complications -IBS, anxiety, depression, weight fluctuation, severe iron deficiency, food intolerances, etc.- which eventually led me to the land of meat eating. During my crossover from vegetarian to meat eater, I upped or rather obliterated my previous physical training. I mostly turned to lifting and trail running. I got strong and realized how necessary it is to feed this machine good nutrients to keep it healthy & strong. The science of nutrition & physical fitness completely fascinate me. I am constantly striving to better understand how the input affects the output and how the interconnected relationship between the mind & body affect overall health. We all have big challenges to face and right now I'm taking my current challenge and looking at it as an opportunity to improve this machine.