July 13, 2011

Vancouver and back

All smiles outside of Stanley Park
Well, I made to and from Vancouver, BC on my motorcycle in one piece! This was the first long ride I've taken since last September due to my herniated disc and then from recovering from back surgery. Yes, I love my motor and it's been a while since I've been able to put some miles on it, so I'm definitely stoked that I made it to and from BC with relatively little difficulty.

The mighty VFR in the hostel parking lot, ready to head home.
The ride was beautiful even though it rained on me nearly the entire way to Canada. Really, since I have the gear, a little rain is nothing to stop me from taking a nice ride. Also, now I fully trust my motor skills again despite the lack in riding I've done in the last 10 months. I took the long, scenic route north (as you always should on a motor) on Highway 9 through Arlington, Sedro-Woolley, crossed the U.S./Canadian border in Sumas, on to North Vancouver and then dropped down into Vancouver via Stanley Park and ended at the HI Jericho Hostel. Check out my route below

View Vancouver Ride in a larger map

Riding always gives me time to think. It's a time I don't read, check my phone, talk to anyone, or listen to music. It is a time for clarity, peacefulness, unwinding, and problem solving, which is exactly what I get from trail running. Since I still can't trail run (which I know will be a matter of time dammit!), at least I can now ride my motor and for that I am grateful. Even though it's easy to get frustrated with the things I still can't do, every time I am able to reintroduce the things I love back into my life, I'm left with HUGE grin and a sense of accomplishment. It's been a rough road these past several months, but I grow stronger mentally and physically as time moves on. I appreciate of those of you who have been a source of encouragement.

Don't worry, I didn't forget my promise to divulge my in person Robb Wolf/Paleo Solution experience. My recap and a few hilarious quotes will be in my next post. Believe me, he's as nerdy and awesome as you think he would be!

Also, quick note... Since the hostel was a few hundred feet from the beach, I managed to squeeze in a little beach CrippleFit work out!

5 rounds of:
42 lunges (this is how many lunges it takes me to go back in forth in the Fire House Bay that I normally workout in)
10 full push ups (back allows full now :)
25 squats
10 on each side A-frame plank pass throughs (no idea what to really call these, but it's a part of my PT)

This got my energy up for the ride home!

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