May 1, 2011

CrippleFit vs. CrossFit

Several months ago I had to start modifying my CrossFit workouts to try and alleviate any undue strain on my herniated disc. This meant limited squats, definintly no weighted squats of any kind, no overhead weights, limited abdominal work and nothing that would increase any leg/glut/back pain. Yeah, I know! How the hell do you CrossFit without squats, overhead work, or regular sit ups?!?! Believe me, it can be a challenge... but it can also be done! Oh, and one other thing... depending on the day, I might be able toss in pull ups with a band. Some days strick pull ups w/ a band would be awesome and other days just hanging from the bar was sheer agony. Forget any form of kipping. One thing I've learned over the months of healing is to be damn creative with my workouts.

One day I was describing one of my modified CrossFit workouts to my best friend. We were having fun with it and trying to make light of the situation when he turns to me and says, "CrippleFit!" It was the most brilliantly hilarious thing I had heard in a long time. I know there are several heroic people out there that are partially or fully paralyzed or missing limbs that are some of the most extreme CrossFitters out there. Whether these incredible athletes were born with this challenge, a product of war, injured in the line of duty, or injured by some other unfortunate event, I don't take their struggle and sheer strength lightly. These are the people that keep me motivated. However.... I'm not PC and I do take the piss out of a difficult situation to add levity and humor to a situation. It's one of the best ways I know how to deal with stress. I would rather laugh than cry or laugh while crying than just cry from frustration. So, while nursing a back injury and recovering from surgery, I welcome CrippleFit. It makes me laugh and keeps me kicking ass. I love it. To my best friend, thank you for making my abs hurt from laughter when I couldn't make them hurt from GHD sit ups.

One of my CrippleFit WODs:
Not so much for time these days because I want to keep what I have left of my disc in place.

Olympic bar bench presses
Bosu ball squats

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